​​                                                                                 January 3, 2019


You are cordially invited to submit a Proposal for Legal Services in accordance with the attached specifications, terms and conditions.  Prospective respondents are advised to read this information over carefully prior to submitting a proposal. 

One copy of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope, plainly marked:

Legal Services
Rochester Housing Authority
77 Olde Farm Lane
Rochester NH 03867

 All proposals/bids must be received by February 4, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. EST


The Rochester Housing Authority (referred to herein as RHA) in Rochester NH is requesting proposals from qualified attorneys and/or legal firms for Legal Services to be utilized as needed, for legal services. Historically, legal services have been used in the areas of Landlord Tenant evictions, employment law and real estate transactions.  In addition, limited use of outside legal services occurs in selected areas involving nonprofit entities including contracts, right to know and other areas of law.


Firms making proposals must respond in writing to all requirements of this Request for Proposal (RFP).  Responses should reflect detailed considerations of the issues and opportunities presented by this project.  Any additional information or tasks that are felt to be relevant by the responding firm should be included together with the submittal requirements.

No late, email or facsimile proposals will be accepted.

Costs incurred for the preparation of a proposal in response to this RFP shall be the sole responsibility of the firm submitting the proposal.  The Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) reserves the right to select or reject any firm that it deems to be in the best interest to accomplish the project specified.  The RHA reserves the right to accept the proposal on one or more items of a proposal, on all items of a proposal or any combination of items.  The RHA reserves the right to discontinue the selection process at any time prior to the awarding of a contract.  There will be no reimbursement to any candidate firm if the selection process is terminated.  The RHA reserves the right to waive defects and informalities of the proposals.


The RHA is seeking respondents to a solicitation for contracted legal services to perform legal services on an “as needed” basis.  The RHA is interested in identifying and utilizing the services of an attorney or law firm for "as needed" legal assistance.  The services requested include providing legal counsel in the form of written and verbal opinions and presentations, and monitoring and representing the RHA’s interests before various judicial bodies and other entities.  Legal services are necessary in area of evictions, employment law and real estate transactions.   



Firms responding should identify and provide complete background information on both the firm itself, as well as the key personnel who would be functioning on the RHA’s behalf for legal responsibility.  Proposal content shall include, at a minimum:

Name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of attorney/firm
Name of contact person and telephone number for purposes of following up on proposal
Narrative about the history of the firm, including date of inception, experience with municipal, county state and federal law, experience in the areas of environmental law, land use, public sector employment law, telecommunications law, general civil litigation and tax assessment abatement issues.
Narrative of the qualifications of the persons proposed to work directly with the RHA to include:

Legal training, years of practice, area of specialization; include date of admittance to NH Bar
Years of municipal and/or other local public sector law practice as a full time government attorney or in private law office specializing in local government proceedings
Knowledge of and experience with NH eviction law.  Identify whether or not a member of the Municipal Law section of the NH Bar Association
Knowledge of and experience with federal regulations regarding eviction of public housing and Section 8 HCV tenants
Litigation experience and demonstration of a satisfactory court track record
Identify any scholastic honors achieved and professional affiliations
Specify number of hours of CLE courses the applicant has taken relative to matters material to this RFP
List of publications and presentations in the area of municipal law
Knowledge and experience with NH Employment Laws. 
Knowledge and experience with NH Real Estate transactions
Knowledge of Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

Narrative about the resources of the firm, to include clerical and support staff, library and research capabilities and other relevant information.


Provide a listing of five current references of similar work being proposed, including the name, telephone number and address of a person who will be contacted to verify information submitted.  Identify dates services were performed and a brief written description of the specific services performed and under what conditions they were performed.


Indicate how professional liability insurance and indemnity will be provided.  Include documentation showing malpractice insurance coverage in an amount not less than $2,000,000.

Please disclose pertinent information relative to any law suit for malpractice (past, pending or anticipated), and the result of said suit.


Provide a narrative about the proposed method for calculation of fees.  Include a description of basic services to be included and list services or other incidentals for which additional fees would be charged.  Normal billing cycle procedures shall be identified.

Please state the hourly rates for the designated attorney and associates for all routine, non-special services, and for special services, such as litigation, if at a different rate.  As used in this section, routine, non-special services may include, but not be limited to, the following services which are required to be provided within the scope of services for this category – primary representation of the RHA in all civil litigation before a Court, Administrative Board or arbitrator.

Pricing structure starting ____________ and to hold until ____________.


Describe proposed requirement for term, renewal, amendment, extension and/or termination of contract.  Please include a copy of the proposed contract for services.
Questions should be directed to Stacey Price, Rochester Housing Authority, 77 Olde Farm Lane, Rochester, NH 03867 or staceyp@rhanh.org

Licenses and Permits (if any)

All State of NH & local codes, permits and licensing requirements must be met by anyone performing work for the RHA.   Copies of such permits and licenses will be forwarded to the Finance Director for the file prior to work commencing.


Vendor selection shall be based on possession of the necessary experience, organization, technical and professional qualifications, skills and facilities, project understanding, approach, ability to comply with proposed or required time of completion or performance, and possession of a satisfactory record of performance.  Proposals will be reviewed by a screening committee established by the Executive Director of the RHA.

Official Entity Name
FOB Information:
State, Zip
Email address:
State of Incorporation:
Price holds for:
Telephone #:
Fax #:
Check here if appropriate:  ________________________________ (X) NO BID

 Bid Protests

Any actual or prospective bidder who is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a bid or contract may protest and seek resolution of complaints with the Finance Director.  A protest with respect to an invitation for bids or request for proposals shall be submitted in writing prior to the time for the opening of bids on the closing day for proposals, unless the aggrieved person did not know and should not have known of the facts giving rise to such protest prior to bid opening or the closing date for proposal.  In that event, the protest shall be submitted within three (3) calendar days after the aggrieved person knows or should have known of the facts giving rise thereto.

Purchasing procedures shall be stayed pending a decision of the RHA Executive Director unless the RHA Executive Director decides that the award of a contract is necessary to protect substantial interests of the RHA.


1.  BID ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTIONS:  The RHA reserves the right to accept any bid, and to reject any or all bids; to award the bid to other than the low bidder if deemed "bid most advantageous to the RHA"; to accept the bid on one or more items of a proposal, on all items of a proposal or any combination of items of a proposal and to waive any defects in bids.

2.  FINAL BID PRICE:  Terms and FOB point are always part of the bid.  FOB POINT IS ALWAYS TO BE Rochester, NH UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED BY THE BIDDER.  IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SO DESIGNATE A FOB POINT OTHER THAN Rochester.  If the bidder has any special payment or delivery clauses which could effect the final delivery price of an item up for bid, that too shall be made part of the bid.  If, however, this is not included in the bid, the seller will be solely responsible for any increased prices due to any circumstances.

3.  LATE PROPOSALS/BIDS:  Any bids received after specified date and time will not be considered, nor will late bids be opened.

4.  PAYMENT TERMS:  It is the custom of the RHA to pay its bills within 14 – 30 working days following delivery of, and receipt for, all items covered by the purchase order.  In submitting bids under these specifications, bidders should take into account all discounts, both trade and time, allowed in accordance with the above payment policy.

5.  BRAND NAMES:  When the item is offered of a brand that is not known for use and/or reputation and financial stability is not well and favorably known to these officials, bids on such unknown brand may be rejected because of this lack of knowledge alone.  Prospective bidders with such unknown brand should give information concerning it to the RHA Executive Director so that it may be checked into for bids for the coming year.  The bidder will state in the proposal the brand name and any guarantees of the material he/she proposes to furnish.  The brand name is to be for the material that meets all specifications.

6.  SUBCONTRACTORS:  Where a project involves utilizing subcontractors, and the project is completed satisfactorily, the RHA reserves the right to request proof of payment to subcontractors by the general contractor prior to making final payment to the general contractor.

7.  PROPER DOCUMENTATION:  Any respondent to a bid request should sign off on and return to the Executive Director the original Bid Documentation Package which explains the scope of the bid request.  Said signature, in the spaces provided, indicates receipt of,
familiarity with and understanding of, and acceptance of the specifications provided, except as otherwise noted by the respondent.

8.  BID RESULTS: The Executive Director will NOT respond to phone inquiries for Bid Results, other than to identify the apparent low bidder and his total bid price quotation.  Individuals or company representatives may secure a comprehensive bid analysis of a particular bid request by either attending a bid opening (which is open to all interested parties); by coming to RHA after a bid opening and asking to look through the file; by visiting our website at __________ or by sending a written request for the bid analysis along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.